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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Designers BEWARE

So you wanna be a fashion designer/fashionista or whatever you choose to call yourself, well giving yourself a title is easy...but putting in the work, now that the part that takes commitment!

Ask yourself this first, and you don't have to I really have what it takes? Meaning what? From the glamorous side there's a gritty side that the public or most young designers aren't aware of.


  1. Everyone knows it's a long, hard road to the top of the fashion industry. Saturated with labels and designers, it's almost impossible to get your foot in the door. Many talented designers don't even know where to start. Launch Initiative Fashion gives aspiring designers the opportunity to 'launch' their fashion career. Whether it be a solo venture to establish a new label or work within an existing fashion house, we are here to help you. Think of a real life blown up version of Project Runway.… Continue

  2. Research and developement goes along with products you intend on bringing to the public...your creations/lines are a reflection of who you are and a reflection of who you are and represent for years to come. Where not here to name names and how they are synomous with a brand, but we can learn from our sucessful mentors, and if so, model our ideas around some of there concepts that may have made them who they are. No doubt, fame and fortune is the reward we seek for our efforts in this business of fashion, but only few really has what it takes to endure it's ups and downs. Much sucess and good fortune, never give up on your let's go kick some ass!

  3. My motto for Made-to-Measure service is designed to appeal to two kind of people: Those who know exactly what they want, and those who don't.

  4. Please be a little patient inspiring, I've recently got the inside scoop about a new Sampleroom Service/Lab is coming to our City of Brotherly Love. There aiming to assist fashion designers, and wanna be's bring there concepts to market, i.e. samplemaking/prototypes, pattternmaking and grading, sourcing networks and host of other good stuff...I'm not going to tell all just yet...stay tuned in on the updates and please don't overload me with the endless list of questions.

  5. It's been recently brought to my attention that plans are in fact underway for a new site in Center City that's being developed for our designing minds! Please feel free to offer any input...we have some wonderful things in store.

  6. White Linen Trunk Shows...for those who are interested contact me via

    Please have your own designs, fabrics and notions and be prepared to discuss price points and time-lines.

    Patterns will also serve the process, if not we'll have to produce them...of course at reasonable price.

    I have some very interesting fashion trivia lined up for our fashion enthusiasts, fashionista, fashion bloggers or fashion wannabes.
    1) What design school did Calvin Klein attend?

    2) What hometown did Halston grow up in?

    3) What specialty store hosted the Fete-de-France Show?

    Please submit your answers via inbox

  8. Hi I wanted to know if the SampleRoom/lab is up in running yet. and at this lab will they be offering some sort of sewing classes or referals to such?

  9. Free Sewing Workshop has recently ended and will start back up this F/W 2012