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Monday, October 4, 2010

تصميم الأزياء الإيطالية المدرسة


  1. Fashionweek has come and gone...but the work never stops behind the scenes.


    Here’s a bit of advise to all those seeking to
    establish there own labels/clothing lines.

    This is major undertaking to say none the least, and all of our new inspiring designers might have seem to overlook the fact that when trying to get the most exposure for your lines there are a few components that must not be taken for granted.

    First, you must have prototypes or samples to present to manufactures. Next, sample lines consist of sketches, patterns and actual garments to be used in production.

    Alot of manufactures will not even deal with small orders, it's best to set up your own facility, (if you can afford to do so),that way you can maintain creative control, quality of your line, and so forth. Another option to consider, is to farm the work out to seamstresses that has the experience.

    create your collection then do the tradeshow circuit, so you can get some exposure, once you create a buzz and meet your buyers, than you can get a feel for the market, that way when it's time to deal with the manufactures they will see your orders and they will take you seriously!